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Phone : 080 - 22975586, 22975587, 22975589

MISSION :: Delivery of highest quality public service in consonance of our duty charter to the satisfaction of the people of Bangalore is our mission.
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Telephone No : 080 22975586, 22975587, 22975589

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Welcome to Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force

The Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force was noble experiment of the Government of Karnataka in the year 1996, vide Government Order no. UDD 247 MNU 95, BANGALORE, Date 19 March 1996, with the duties of,

1.   Better protection of property belonging to the government, BBMP, BDA, BWSSB, Karnataka Slum Clearance Board, City Municipal Council, Town Municipal Council and  tanks, lakes and tank-beds handed over for maintenance to the Forest Department with in Bangalore Urban and Rural District by the government, any other property specified by government from time to time through notifications.

2.   The detection of commission or any design to commit any such offence relating to the unauthorized occupation of land belonging to the government, to investigate and prosecute such offences.

3.   Identify the employees and officers of the organization included in the jurisdiction of BMTF who collude with the public in making them commit the offences and to take action against the offences and irregularities under specified statutes.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force had a nuclear component of the police officers headed by the officer with a rank of Additional Director General of Police and supported by Town Planners and Revenue officials. The Government of Karnataka made all efforts in her endeavor to make this experiment success by providing powers under innumerable statutes and extending the scope time to time. Today Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force has got the police power to investigate the cases under the following statutes

  1. Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act-1984,

  2. The Karnataka Municipalities Act-1964,

  3. The Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act-1985,

  4. The Karnataka Slum Areas (Improvement & Clearance) Act-1973,

  5. The Bangalore Water Supply & Sewage ACT-1964,

  6. The Karnataka Land Revenue Act-1964,

  7. The Karnataka Land Reforms Act-1961,

  8. The Inam Abolition Act,

  9. The Indian Penal Code,

  10. The Karnataka Police Act-1963

In the initial years Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force worked with limited aim and progressed to achieve both tangible and intangible results and focused in identification of the problems besides spreading the message of the Government of Karnataka to the people at large. It was guarded in launching the prosecution against the violators as its strategy was limited to carry forward a message.

In the year 2011 a review of the strategy was made and an aggressive approach was adopted, where the major emphasis was made to identify the violators of the law and their prosecution .The need of such paradigm shift in the strategy was necessary in view of the limited impact of earlier tactics. The new approach to the problem has laid significant improvement and the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force has widened the amplitude of the registration of the cases both in terms of nature and numbers. So far 140 cases have been registered.

Success does not come without the efforts and blemishing to the success by vested interest is not uncommon. There had been demands to examine the scope of the powers of Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force. Arson incident of Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force police establishment is one such dastardly act presumably by those vested interests.

Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force with the team of handpicked officers and men whose number can be counted on fingers has traveled in its journey undeterred by the postures dissuading the force from performing its task. The efforts have not borne fruit to the desired extent yet, but the steps put forward with the support of the Government of Karnataka and people of Bangalore will enable Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force to register a niche among the enforcement bodies of the Government of Karnataka progress to greater heights.

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