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Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF)


        The Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF) was created in the year 1996 with an objective to prevent and control land grabbers from illegally occupying the land belonging to the Government of Karnataka and its organizations like BBMP, BDA, BWSSB & Slum Board in the Bengaluru Metropolitan Area.   Bengaluru Metropolitan Task Force has three wings viz Police, Town Planning & Revenue wings headed by Additional Director General of Police.  The Government of Karnataka has given tremendous powers to BMTF under various special acts & statutes. The following acts come under the purview of BMTF:-
  1. Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act-1984,
  2. The Karnataka Municipalities Act-1964,
  3. The Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976.
  4. The Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act-1985,
  5. The Karnataka Slum Areas (Improvement & Clearance) Act-1973,
  6. The Bangalore Water Supply & Sewage Act-1964,
  7. The Karnataka Land Revenue Act-1964,
  8. The Karnataka Land Reforms Act-1961,
  9. The Karnataka SC & ST, (PTCL) Act 1976
  10. The Inam Abolition Act,
  11. The Karnataka Industries Area Development Board Act-1966.
  12. The Karnataka Police Act-1963, read with relevant sections of IPC.
     Though, BMTF worked with limited powers initially, over the years Government of Karnataka vested BMTF with special powers including registration of FIR at BMTF Police station, which has benefitted the people at large.  In 2011, a strategy review was made and an aggressive approach was adopted, where the major emphasis was made to identify the land grabbers and their prosecution. The need of such a paradigm shift in the strategy was necessary in view of the limited impact of earlier tactics. The new approach to the problem has resulted in significant improvement in the functioning of BMTF.


     BMTF was constituted to bring land grabbers to Justice & give protection to take re-possession of government land. In this regard, BMTF has taken proactive steps and successfully recovered 990.033 Acres of land amounting to Rs. 4,034.81/- crores till August 2022 

     BMTF with a team of handpicked but experienced officers have travelled in the journey, undeterred to protect & to preserve lands belonging to the Government of Karnataka. The support of the Government of Karnataka & its citizens has enabled BMTF to crave a niche for itself and to progress to greater heights.

     Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force will be a model of excellence that puts the citizen first. The skilled and motivated employees will be known for providing quality and value in all areas of public service. We will create a platform for vital economic activity by playing a significant role in the orderly growth of Bangalore. We will partner with citizens and other stakeholders to curb the activities of unscrupulous land grabbers and to make Bangalore a place of choice for living, working and for other activities.

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